Estate Administration

Our Estate Administration Department provides complete legal and tax advice to trustees, executors, and personal representatives. The team utilizes experience and in-depth knowledge in working with complicated estate administration issues. Our services include:

  • Preparation of estate tax returns
  • Preparation of gift tax returns
  • Assistance with collecting and valuing trust and estate assets
  • Preparation of trust asset allocations
  • Preparation of subtrust funding documents
  • Preparation of trust accountings
  • Coordination of tax matters with accountant and other tax advisors
  • Probate and court matters related to disposition of assets
  • Court matters involving Trust interpretation or modification
  • Representation of clients in audits of estate tax and gift tax returns

The Process

The estate administration process can be overwhelming. Our Estate Administration Department will assist and counsel you during this difficult and complex time. Upon completion of the administration, the Estate Administration Department also works with the Estate Planning and Business Departments to counsel surviving spouses and other beneficiaries on ongoing business operations, advanced estate planning and tax minimization strategies.


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