Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning Department is nationally recognized for its depth of knowledge and level of experience in estate planning for individuals and entrepreneurs.  We take pride in our responsive staff providing outstanding client service.  In addition to basic estate planning, we counsel clients in the use of more advanced estate planning strategies, such as:

  • Preserve assets for multiple generations estate-tax-free (Dynasty Trust)
  • Transfer life insurance death benefit to kids tax-free (ILIT)
  • Give your house to your children virtually tax-free and keep total control (QPRT)
  • Create discounting techniques (FLP)
  • Provide estate freeze (IDIT, GRAT)
  • Maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving (CRT, CLT, Family Foundation)
  • Prepare and execute business exit plan

The Process

We offer a complimentary attorney consultation and review of existing trust documents, if any, to determine your estate planning needs.  We recommend strategies based on your goals while carefully identifying the risks and the benefits.  Our dedicated funding paralegals assist clients, financial advisors, and CPAs in transferring assets to the living trust to avoid probate.  We offer a trust maintenance service for our living trust clients to ensure their estate plan stays current.

The Results

A customized plan consisting of innovative solutions that are responsible and not reckless that meet your objectives, such as:

  • Pass the full value of an estate to heirs
  • Provide peace of mind regarding the financial future of loved ones
  • Reduce possible estate and/or gift tax exposure
  • Ensure probate avoidance
  • Integrated estate, business, and charitable planning from a tax perspective

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